Our commitment to quality begins with an understanding of our customers’ design specifications and needs. At PGS our documented quality assurance program details every step of our design, manufacture and inspection process.

PGS maintains a quality assurance system that guarantees highly reliable products and services with on-time delivery.

Our quality control procedures cover initial inspection of incoming raw materials, review of design drawings, manufacturing documentation, art and film inspections, tool and die checks, and product functionality testing.

It is the policy of Precision Graphic Systems to produce products and services of the highest quality. Our system is designed to include flexibility that ensures each customer’s quality objectives are met. Control of quality is maintained throughout the entire process of design and manufacturing,

The policies and procedures used at PGS guarantee our products and services will meet the specified customer requirements and our business objectives in a consistent, economical and reliable manner.

From concept to completion, PGS is committed to providing quality products and services that continually meet and exceed our customers’ expectations in appearance, function, environmental requirements, and reliability.