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Precision Graphic Systems specializes in short and medium volume production of membrane switch panels, graphic overlays, product labels and nameplates.

Our complete in house manufacturing facility including engineering, graphic design, printing, fabrication, and testing allow us complete control over the entire process. We use state of the art CAD based laser cutting to reduce or eliminate tooling costs. We include 100% functional testing as part of our final inspection on all membrane switch panels as well as carefully designed in-process inspection and testing systems tailored to eliminate rejects and save manufacturing costs on all our products.

If you have a project that needs high quality, precision tolerance membrane switch, graphic overlay or product label, with short lead times that is what we specialize in.

We are an Authorized Underwriter Laboratories labels supplier, as well as members of SGIA.

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Our Solutions

Free Designs Guides

Need help designing your Membrane Switch Keypad, Graphic Overlay or other product labeling?

PGS has developed three different design guides that cover the basics of design for each of these products.

Each Design Guide is loaded with tips on how to design a membrane switch, graphic overlay, or label to improve reliability and keep manufacturing costs low.

Our Design Guide includes sample blueprints and drawings that show you how to specify materials, construction and ink colors.

Sample Blueprint Graphic Overlay
Graphic Overlay and Control Panel Design Guide

Sample Blueprint Drawings

What materials should you use?

Precision Graphic Systems has developed a Graphic Overlay Selector Kit to help you choose the right material for your Membrane Switch or Graphic Overlay.

Compare the thickness, texture and coating of different materials.

Each Sample Kit includes printed samples.
Call to get your free Graphic Overlay Selector Kit today!

Sample Blueprint Drawing for Membrane Switch
Blueprint Drawing Memory Pinout
Membrane Switch, Infusion Pump

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